Personal Training

Acquire your goals through program customization. All of our trainers are experts in the industry and provide each client with an exercise program and workout that is personalized for the individual.

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Improve all aspects of your fitness with our Cross-Training Classes. Spartans will be challenged on all levels with a variety of tools, movements, and methods. No two workouts are ever the same.

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These exclusive Spartan Fitness Workouts are designed to be done at home, on vacation, or at your local gym.

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Group Training

Partner up with fellow Spartans or bring in a friend or family member for our Small Group Training. This is the middle-ground between Personal Training and Classes.

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The 58 Spartan Badges is the greatest challenge in discovering your true level of fitness. Flaws will be revealed. Spartans will be tested. In the end the fittest of the fit will be revealed. This is your chance to earn some rare Spartan Gear...but it wont be easy.

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What does it mean to be a Spartan?

How bad do you want it? Are you ready to start a new chapter in your life? Want to join the ranks of some of the fittest people in Berkshire County?

‘The New Standard for Fitness, Health and Performance’

 Like nothing you’ve ever experienced

Spartan Fitness is not your average gym. We are raising the bar to create a very unique and engaging experience for its Spartans.  This is a private Fitness and Health facility that is versatile enough to handle anyones goals, ailments, dysfunctions and desires. There is something for everyone here at Spartan Fitness, from function related goals, long term health, pain free living, sports performance, fat loss or general preparedness.

Our journey begins with an evaluation (Assessment)which establishes each members goals, muscular imbalances/dysfunctions and strengths/weaknesses. From here we develop a customized program utilizing our (services) at Spartan Fitness that will best suit your needs. This is a ground-up approach and has been proven to be very effective in program design.

 The Bigger Picture

But Health and Fitness doesn’t stop there. Spartan Fitness brings its members together through social gatherings. Lifelong friendships will be made. Creating a larger network of people that have similar Health and Fitness goals is just as beneficial as the physical training. We are also educating our members with exclusive Health and Fitness knowledge. Workshops, articles,  and online videos will intellectually stimulate our members and provide the confidence with knowing the science. Spartan Fitness clears out all of the pseudo science, fitness fads, and myths so that our members can make the best choices for reaching their goals.

Spartan Fitness is a unique, productive, healthy and positive experience.