Monthly Archive for: ‘April, 2013’

  • Virtue: Self Reliance

    I chose to write about Self Reliance first in our set of Virtues because its been heavily on my mind for the past few months. What I’ve come to understand more and more about myself is how Self Reliant I am. I suppose it has …

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  • Virtues

      To build a Spartan, you must inspect and condition all aspects of a person. Success comes from a ground-up direction. We look inward, train the mentality, condition the behaviors, and develop the physical. To reverse this process, is to cook the meat before a …

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  • Spartan Protein Fudge

    I am always seeking new ways to use my protein powder, I’ll be honest, I get bored quick. From protein pancakes, to protein packed oatmeal, and everything in between. But protein fudge is hands down may favorite use (besides a shake). There are only 3 …

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