Why ‘Fitness Revolution’?


On a recent poster of ours-Why ‘Fitness Revolution’? At Spartan Fitness we do things a little different than what is …

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Crossfit vs Cross-Training

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Before opening Spartan Fitness in 2012, I had a choice to make. Open up either a Crossfit gym or my …

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Functional Training in the Berkshires

Tyrone 1

“Functional Training” is a termed used freely in the fitness industry. At Spartan Fitness, we do train for function but …

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On Fear

5 Fears That Are Stopping You From Exercising

This is for those people afraid to seek higher levels of fitness, performance, and health. Let me tell you what …

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What do you see in this picture? What I see and what you see may be totally different. Here is …

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Fitness-ism 101 A reductionistic perspective of human performance based on recently popularized and simplified standards at which human levels of …

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10 Ways to Guarantee Bad Knees

Knee Injury 5

I have worked with my fair share of ‘bad knees’. Lifestyle change is the number one way to improve knee …

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Fed Up: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Fed Up1

On a cold and damp September evening I sat down with a BLT in one hand and a beer in …

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It’s What the Cavemen did and Other Exercise Fallacies

I sat there watching a guy on Youtube, boxjump, clean, and bearcrawl. No biggie, right? These are all exercises that …

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Present Bias (Procrastination)

Bicep Banner

Here is a little taste of the bitter truth- Present Bias (Procrastination) is very much a part of our lives. …

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The 10 Physical Skills(+1): A deeper look


Crossfit introduced me to the 10 Physical Skills years ago and that has fundamentally switched my training style. I am …

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What have we learned from the Kevin Ogar tragedy


I just finished ‘The Story of the Human Body” by Daniel Lieberman. I highly recommend it. By finishing the book …

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Fitness Culture: Pseudo-Crossfit

Crossfit Gym

Last Fitness Culture post: History, Icons, and the Waterfall Effect   A fascinating shift is taking place in the Fitness …

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Train Smart or Train Hard?


On Training Hard vs Training Smart I’m a big advocate for training smart. My reason? There isn’t enough of it. …

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Fitness Culture: History, Icons, Waterfall Effect

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For the Fitness Culture: Preface click here   The Culture of Fitness. I have to admit, this topic has been …

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Fitness Culture:Preface


The fitness industry has the potential to be something that it often isn’t. Much like the web. Jaron Lanier, a …

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Is Crossfit Really a Cult?

Drink The Kool Aid Proof 300x300

“Crossfit is the Scientology of Fitness’ I’ve heard this line a handful of times. But is Crossfit really a cult? …

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The Top Five Key Attributes for Training Success

Over the years of personal training you begin to see patterns as the most successful clients tend to share the …

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The Machines Can’t Die

This is the (quasi)counter-argument to the machines vs functional training argument. Eric Stevens contributed an article on his theory that …

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Movements vs Muscles

                ‘Movements over Muscles’. If you know any smooth talking trainers, I bet …

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The Running Argument


Running, more specifically Endurance Running. Every other day, someone seems the need to drop their two cents on running. It …

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Shopping for a trainer-10 item list (or 10 improvements if you are a trainer)

Health, Fitness, and Performance is my profession, it is one of my many passions. I take pride in my work, …

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Understanding self proclaimed ‘Elitism’

How do we differentiate between actual elitism and self proclaimed elitism? Actual elitism is defined through action, history, and experience. …

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Why we don’t WOD part 1: Case Study

Fair Warning This is an article written to articulate my experience as a health professional, trainer, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, …

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