The Spartan Badges is a series of 56 Badges each ranked with a Gold Standard (The Best), Silver Standard (Pretty Good), and Bronze Standard (Not Bad). The Spartan Badges are designed to test a person on ALL levels of fitness in the very broadest sense of the word. Beyond physical tests, there are trials of willpower, commitment, and dedication. Unavoidably, your flaws will be presented to you, it will then be your choice to pursue the arduous task of self improvement. You earn your badges. And when you’ve tackled every badge you will be given a ranking.

The Psiloi (All Bronze Badges/Stage 1)- The Psiloi were considered light infantry in the Greek military. They were quick and versatile and often launched javelins or slung stones at their enemies. It is no easy task to attain all of the Bronze Badges, for that there is a physical reward. One that cannot be purchased. Something that you wear with pride.

The Hoplite (All Silver Badges/Stage 2)- The Hoplite were citizen soldiers in the Greek military. They were strong and united, often fighting with a spear and shield. To attain all of the Silver Badges is a task that is meant for humans with superior conditioning and for that there is a physical reward. One that cannot be purchased but is worn with honor.

The Hippeis (All Gold Badges/Stage 3)- The Hippeis were the highly trained royal guards of the Spartan military. They were the best of the best. To attain all of the Gold Badges is a task that only few will every be able to muster. This is a test for the Heroes and Demigods of Berkshire County. The rarity of this Spartan puts them far above the rest and for that there is the ultimate reward, again, that is earned rather than bought. Attaining this reward is the hardest of tasks and for that it proves you are one of the fittest warriors to walk these lands.


The Spartan Badges is a system to challenge the fittest of the fit. Our family is a bunch of self-disciplined Spartans who encapsulate the meaning of courage, integrity, and fitness. This is intended for them, to further their endeavors of seeking total fitness adaptability, performance, and health. It is one of many great challenges they will endure in the pursuit of self improvement. This is the world they live in, that not of coddling or soft rounded edges, but of steadfast devotion to the hardships of unwavering discomfort and sacrifice. The very best will be rewarded with gifts to wear with honor and pride; a symbol of their conviction to the process. Something only few will ever be able to achieve. A pursuit made for the legends, like that of Achilles, Perseus, Theseus, and Heracles.

With that there are some rules-

  • Only one Badge can be achieved per day
  • One one ‘Long-term Pledge’ can be pursued at a time
  • You can always retest Badges in the future to try and rank higher
  • All Badges are attained at the gym or through a group event
  • Qualifying Badges must be observed by your friendly Spartan Leader 😉
  • There is no time limit to achieving all of the Badges