Understanding self proclaimed ‘Elitism’

Road to the (Cross) fittest?

How do we differentiate between actual elitism and self proclaimed elitism? Actual elitism is defined through action, history, and experience. Meaning, there is a clear difference between a group or person in the past that was an actual elitist, and a group or person that proclaimed to be an elitist. Actions speak louder than words, essentially. Not always. A do-er’s words hold value given his/her follow through is accurate based on the past. Very different then someone that only claims such actions, without actually committing/completing.

Here is a clear sign someone may not be as elitist as they claim. I’ve experienced this myself on multiple occasions and it means a clear difference between someone secure in their own actions and someone that is not.

“Hello. How can I help you?”

“Hi, I do Crossfit-” -pause, as if waiting for a reaction.

Heres what this is communicating. By immediately coming forth with your ‘elitist’ hobby, you are prioritizing it as your definition of self. Because of its immediacy in conversation, there is a sense of needing to prove ones self and,or establish a pecking order. Clearly this is seeking acceptance for people insecure with themselves. How is it any different then “hello”-“Hi, I am a doctor.” It is synonyms to a jedi mind trick, and only really works on simpleton. It tells me more that you are socially awkward and seek to be accepted. Or if you are to ‘wow!’ me, it will establish a clear pecking order. ‘Wowing’ me with your ‘fitness routine’ makes you a ‘bigger badass’. Claiming to be a Crossfitter tells me that you are easily sold by marketing hype and are not really fitter than anyone else. Sure as hell not any healthier. It tells me that you are less about the long term health and more about the short term coolness. You are a sheep, easy to accept any garbage you are fed. To top it off, waiting for a reaction after making a claim is only solidifying  your own insecurities. I’ve met many athletes that we could classify into an elite category, and never once did I feel they were trying to prove something to me. Most are quiet humble. The fact that you feel you need to wear it like a badge to put you a cut above the rest, is a sign its not as elite as you think.

The claim being CF ‘forges elite fitness’. My response to that is this. Look at the studies, the science, the statistics, and the experience. Our part one review is here.


The adaptations are average compared to other training methods. The risks are higher. At this point, it is only ignorance and self proclaimed ‘elitism’, and Kool-Aid keeping you at CF. I actually feel pity for these people.


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