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Crossfit vs Cross-Training

Before opening Spartan Fitness in 2012, I had a choice to make. Open up either a Crossfit gym or my own creation. I had been listening closely to what Crossfit was promoting for about a decade, at that point, and training professionally for almost a decade. Over the years I would work with hundreds of individuals that came from training with Crossfit, listen to some of the best coaches in the world, and reading Crossfit articles. Over a decade of research, I learned that when it came to Crossfit-

  1. The injury rates are exceptionally high
  2. The results are moderate, thus giving it a high:moderate-risk:reward ratio
  3. The system gives little leeway for individualization
  4. The logic and rationale for their methodology is often flawed
  5. Many of the best coaches in the world don’t recommend it and have since dissociated themselves from it
  6. The business model is built on hyper-efficiency leading to rapid market growth in exchange for quality of service
  7. The culture is dogmatic and in many cases resembles a cult
  8. My clients routinely out-performed Crossfitters in Fitness Tests

The only benefit I could see would be a financial one, like opening up a Starbucks. Putting my chips on the safe bet, one built on efficiency; conveyor belt fitness. My job reduced to no more than that of a lifeguard. I chose the harder road, my own creation, a better model over the popular trend. And its done nothing but great things for our members. We are proud of our lower rates of injuries, low risk: high reward ratio, personalization in training and diet, grounding in science and experience, continual learning from the mistakes and knowledge of the best trainers in the world, and a high quality of service through less dogmatic approaches.

So then what really differentiates Crossfit from the Spartan Fitness experience?

We train fitness, and we do it better. We’ll call it ‘Cross-Training’ because it covers a broad spectrum of what we do. If you pay attention Crossfit has a regularity to it, which makes it easy to package. But that system is predictable and short-sighted. The reason why Crossfitters don’t do as well at Spartan Fitness, despite all of the tough training they’ve gone through, is because we hit a much more expansive gamut of fitness training. The workouts are constantly changing through creative means. Always keeping us on our toes. We hit all of the physical skills, tap into all energy systems, and have a huge repertoire of movements and skills that challenge us in freshly new and different ways. In short, our Spartans are more versatile, adaptable, and capable than most Crossfitters.

Spartan Fitness is a gym in Lenox Massachusetts that specializes in safely building high-end levels of fitness. We are skeptical of the systematization of fitness that dehumanizes the participants for sub-par results and greater monetary yield. If it is Fitness that you seek, do it the right way, choose Spartan Fitness, where the Spartans come first.