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Functional Training in the Berkshires

“Functional Training” is a termed used freely in the fitness industry. At Spartan Fitness, we do train for function but it is built on a philosophy that is well thought-out in its process. For us Functional Training is, by definition, training for an objective. So, watch closely when a gym grounds its methodology in ‘Functional Training’. Typically, they ignores the clients objective in exchange for a systematic process of exercises that usually includes a variety of light weight, stability movements.

There may be a use or need for such exercises. However, it is often used inappropriately. For example, a young highschool athlete who’s primary objective is sports performance may have some use in light, balance exercises. This depends on many factors, again, assessing where the client/athlete is and needs to go. At Spartan Fitness, we don’t apply cookie-cutter systems. We assess and interview daily, and project out weeks, months, or years in advance. It may not be efficient on the coach/trainer’s end, but it provides each member with a higher quality of service. The sheer variety in combinations of goals and limitations that every person brings with them when walking through our doors means that we must be versatile in our knowledge and practice in order to give each member the very best in personal training or sports performance.

Because at Spartan Fitness our focus is on the objectives of our members as opposed to everyone doing the same exact stale routine, we have become recognized as one of the only gyms equipped, both physically and methodologically, to handle Functional Fitness in its better definition. This means, rather than forcing you into a routine that everyone else is doing, you have a voice. And we want to hear it. We want to know what you desire out of this process. We will find out what limitations or barriers may get in the way. Then together, we will come up with a plan of attack. The primary driver in your propulsion is your objective. We are hear to help steer and provide additional fuel for the fire. But when it comes down to it, your objective/desire/goal, is your spark, it would be a disservice to ignore that. So no matter what that target may be, we train for that ie Functional Training.

Spartan Fitness is a gym in Lenox, Massachusetts. We are passionate about fitness, health, and performance. Functional Training should ALWAYS be goal specific, that is the point. But for many in fitness, ‘Functional Training’ is a silly use of exercises, equipment, and systems that has nothing to do with what the client is looking for or needs. When it comes to hiring a coach/trainer, or finding a gym that will take your goals seriously, choose Spartan Fitness.