Why ‘Fitness Revolution’?

On a recent poster of ours-Why ‘Fitness Revolution’?

At Spartan Fitness we do things a little different than what is popularly done in mainstream fitness and nutrition. We actively revolt against such behaviors as they often reflect the ineffective silliness that fitness and nutrition have spiraled down into. We take these subject matters for what they are without the fundamentalism. Meaning, the gym is the gym and food is food. We strip away the ideologies placed upon them to give us a blank slate to work with; accelerating us out of the gym and towards our objectives. This is not a gym for selfies, narcissistic mirror obsession, or cute little workouts that provide zero benefits. We oppose the joke that fitness and nutrition have become. It is devoid of meaning as the purpose is lost upon the approval of others in the digital age. It may suggest targeting fitness, or health, or performance, but be short-sighted in its pursuit. And overall the ball is dropped in realizing the minds role in this process. Judgement Free Zone?! No, at Spartan Fitness you will be judged for selling yourself short. It is inexcusable because we believe in our members to go above and beyond, reach new heights, and master themselves. Only your self limitations can stand in your way. Mainstream Fitness will have you believe in gender-specific modalities but it’s a farce. Again, adopting a fitness philosophy that boxes you in and limits your growth. There is an element of self-respect that entails paying atttention and knowing yourself, what you can and cant do, and what is a mental block. We fight against the fitness enthusiasts pursuing ‘fitness’ through blatant disrespect for their bodies. Often they’ve sacrificed their bodies and autonomy for some misconstrued version of fitness. If they aren’t broken, they often don’t fair well in a more post ideological fitness. Spartan Fitness is a gym for men and women seeking to take the direct path to their objectives as we don’t muddy the road with junk ideas and products aimed at reaching further into your pockets. We are for the men, women, and warrior-spirits seeking to find themselves, and push their minds and bodies beyond what any other gym in Berkshire County can do. Spartan Fitness is a gym for the revolutionaries who are tired of what mainstream fitness and nutrition have been bastardized into and are ready to find allies to fight in the trenches with. Spartan Fitness is a thinkers-gym, a gym enriched with philosophy and self exploration. Above all, earning your rite of passage at Spartan Fitness entails actual hard work, commitment, and personal development. You will be pushed and tested, not in rigid dogmatic ways. Individualization encourages proper growth and deters unnecessary injuries. In the end, the strong and brave remain and the weak return home to the herd. Perhaps for them sugar-coating fitness is the only way to get off the couch and remain the same mediocre, ordinary person. Mediocrity follows mediocrity.
We revolt against conventional fitness and nutrition practices because they are absurd, ineffective, can be hazardous, and don’t represent ideal practices or an accurate definition.