Spartan Protein Fudge

I am always seeking new ways to use my protein powder, I’ll be honest, I get bored quick. From protein pancakes, to protein packed oatmeal, and everything in between. But protein fudge is hands down may favorite use (besides a shake). There are only 3 ingredients, it can be made quick, and it is an amazing chocolate/peanut butter fix (one of the best combos mankind has ever created). I recently made some for a friend who had no idea that it was ‘healthy’. After claiming that he could ‘eat this all day’, I knew it would be a hit across the board. (And its loaded with Healthy fats!)

  • One Heaping Scoop of Protein Powder (I used Muscle Milk)
  • One Heaping Table Spoon of Peanut Butter (I used all natural peanut butter, but you could opt for a healthier almond butter)
  • A dash of Milk (I used unsweetened almond milk)

Mix the three together in a container to be spread out evenly. The mixture will for a paste, spread it even and put it in the freezer for about 20-30 minutes. It is best eaten cold(very fudge like), if frozen it becomes too hard, and at room temp is softens up. It is that simple, and it is a hell of a lot better then many of the other desserts that you could have. Enjoy!

Calories: 345

Protein: 24g

Sugar: 3g