Program Design


Spartan Fitness provides any of its members Customized Designed Training Programs. If you are looking for exercises to do while on vacation, a routine to do at home, or even exercises to do at your local gym. We design each program based on your goals, your imbalances, and your weaknesses, so that you can be the most efficient with your time spent. This makes for a truly customized routine, that is anything from ‘cookie-cutter’. Our trainers have designed routines for the elderly looking to regain functional strength and balance, people looking to lose a few pounds, men and women seeking greater definition and muscle mass, and athletes looking to have year long programs designed to peak strength, power, and performance during their sports season.

Customized training programs are typically designed on the ‘off hours’ of our trainer’s work schedules, an hour follow up is needed overview the program with the client.

Customized Programs cost: $100 which includes the program design and follow-up evaluation.