Chas Gonnello

  • Founder of Spartan Fitness
  • Biomechanics and Injury Prevention Consultant
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist(CES)
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist(CSCS)
  • Precision Nutritionist
The concept of Spartan Fitness started when Chas began his training career in 2005. Chas founded Spartan Fitness in the fall of 2012. With over 12 years and 26,000 hours of hands-on training experience, Chas has worked with multiple sports teams and athletes of various ages, as well as hundreds of clients with endless combinations of goals and limitations. His passion for fitness has lead him into focusing on crafting the absolute best service for his clients. His versatility, creativity, health/safety first approach, and ability to work with each client’s specific needs are some of the qualities that have made Chas such a successful trainer and gym owner. He has launched hundreds of his members over the years into healthier and fitter lives while maintaining a safe gym environment. Under Chas’ expertise hundreds of clients have reduced pain, corrected problematic body mechanics, and improved movement patterns.

Chas’ no-nonsense approach to training and nutrition is simple and straight forward. We set the goals, learn of any limitations, and set a path that will lead to success. There is no sensationalism or ‘free lunch’, meaning at Spartan Fitness, your success and achievements are earned. It won’t be easy, but if you stay committed to the process, you will find success. This is the theme that unites all of those at Spartan Fitness, everyone there is working hard to the betterment of themselves; self-mastery. The spectrum is broad, for some it is mobility and activation work, for others it is challenges, badges, and supreme athleticism.

Chas is a published fitness author with various digital and printed articles including a peer reviewed article that has granted him and Spartan Fitness international recognition. His writing style is similar to his training style, he utilizes critical thinking and aims for the truth. His writing is both prolific and unapologetic.

Chas’ belief in self development has lead him down many paths of personal growth from the study of philosophy and psychology, to learning various musical instruments, beekeeping, and building a Tiny House with his wife (both of which have zero building experience). For Chas, gym isn’t life, rather, fitness can be the foundation that fosters our success in many other directions.