Chas Gonnello

  • Founder of Spartan Fitness
  • Biomechanics and Injury Prevention Consultant
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist(CES)
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist(CSCS)
  • Precision Nutritionist
Chas began his career as a Personal Trainer/Strength and Conditioning Specialist at Fitness Together in Boston both managing the studio and training over 300 clients. This high volume of clients has taught Chas the importance of versatility. “No two people are the same, everyone has different goals, movement patterns and needs. We have to develop personalized routines to foster a safe and effective training environment.”
Chas has worked with and corrected neck, shoulder, low back, hip, knee and ankle impairments. As well as trained and developed sport specific routines for athletes in football, baseball, hockey, distance running, cycling, lacrosse, soccer, triathlons, volleyball, and mud runs.
As a fitness and health professional, Chas’ number one goal is the safety and health of his clients. This has led him to study Biomechanics to develop a greater understanding of the complex systems of the body. This ground-up approach begins with an assessment and movement screen which allows us to get a deeper understanding of each individual client. Then building a routine customized for that individual so that they can efficiently reach their goals, improve sports performance, fix movement impairments and muscular imbalances, lower the risk for future injuries and reduce joint pain.
Chas applies this Biomechanical understanding to Spartan Fitness’ model by having all members (even those signing up for classes only) go through the assessment process so that we can better understand each individual and how they personally should approach Fitness and Health and what services or exercises may be best suited for them.
“The superior doctors prevent the disease”-Chinese Proverbs
Preventative medicine is far more beneficial than ‘reactive’ methods. Disease prevention starts with knowing your family history and or getting a genetic test done. By knowing what you are susceptible of, you can create a strategy that is personalized to fit your needs.
Injury Prevention is no different, we need to analyze how your body moves and interacts with itself to create a strategy specific to your biomechanical needs. By correcting these problems we reduce the risk of injuries, improve performance, function and the quality of life.
This approach is what sets Chas and Spartan Fitness apart from the traditional exercise methods. Its about getting a greater understanding of each client, customizing their programming, fixing problems and improving performance, function, health and overall fitness levels.