Matt’s Testimonials

Joe Sondrini (age 56)


“All of my life I have considered myself to be in “pretty good shape”.  That is until I hit my 50’s and started to notice that I couldn’t do some things as well as I used to. I also noticed that I was getting the “Dad bod” and it was time for a change! In the Spring of this year I contacted Spartan Fitness and spoke with Chas.  I didn’t have any lofty goals or dreams of looking like I was a in my 20’s again but I did want to make sure that as I got closer to retirement, I could still do the things that I wanted to do without getting injured. Based on our conversation Chas recommended that I work with Matt LaCasse to meet my goals. After meeting Matt, I felt like his demeanor was a perfect fit for me.  He listened intently to what I wanted to accomplish which was to lose 20 lbs, train for my first 5K and build some muscle.  Once Matt confirmed that my goals were achievable, I signed up for 2 sessions per week for 10 weeks. I won’t lie, I was nervous as hell and my first few sessions were tough but Matt worked with me every step of the way using humor, quiet encouragement and intense focus.  I achieved most of my goals by losing just over 10 lbs, I’ve gained muscle and I actually ran TWO 5K’s (one in June and the other in July). I owe my new “fitness focus” to Matt LaCasse and the Spartan Fitness team! Matt is a consummate professional who is committed to his clients and he always makes me feel that my goals are his goals too.

Thank you.”


Samar Habl


“I have been working with Matt for the last 6 months. I have worked with many trainers in the past and I have to say he is one of the best trainers I have come across. He is steady, reliable, respectful and incredibly attentive. Form is everything. Matt will pay attention to it like no one does. His workouts are very well crafted to meet your training goals and are considerate of one’s injuries, vulnerabilities and strengths. He uses a very wide range of exercises to develop your body. You will not be bored as no 2 sessions will ever feel too similar. His work ethic is exemplary and his commitment to serious training strikes the right balance. On a personal level, Matt is very humble, and down to earth. He is much more a doer than a talker. I love that about him. My sessions with him are almost meditative. They are immersive in the training experience and give me a lot of space to tune into my body. I highly recommend Matt.”




“I have been working with Matt LaCasse for personal training for approximately five and a half months at this time. Since beginning sessions with Matt, I’ve worked on strengthening different aspects of my body in an attempt to reach new personal records in Olympic lifts. While incorporating many exercises to help me with my goals, many of which I have never done before, Matt also helped me with corrective movements and mobility skills. Under Matt’s tutelage, I’ve reached new personal records in Bench Press, Push Press and Deadlift at age 33. These are goals I was unsure I could accomplish, but Matt was able to encourage me and push me enough to reach them safely. Aside from his ability as a trainer, Matt is extremely personable, punctual and has a great sense of humor. Regardless of what your fitness goals may be, I feel as though Matt could be an asset to a client of any age, fitness background or skill/knowledge level. Aside from a valuable asset as a personal trainer, I also consider Matt a good friend and will continue to train with him indefinitely at this time.”