Nick Teti

  • Animal Flow Level 1 Instructor                 
  • NASM MMA Conditioning Specialist
  • NASM Golf Fitness Specialist

I started my training career with the idea of helping people become a healthier better version of themselves. That means a lot of things to different people. For some it’s playing with their grandkids and not feeling old and stiff, others it’s the six pack they want for beach season, a marathon they have always wanted to run, and some just want their golf game to improve. Whatever the motivation is, there’s a want to be better. While progressing in my training career I noticed that many people don’t move well. They might move okay, however, a sedentary lifestyle or other limitations have created lesser movement abilities. Age isn’t always a factor as this can happen after 25, but it’s a slow process. I enjoy helping people get that movement back while getting stronger, and achieving their goals. I feel it’s important no matter your age or goal to build a solid baseline of movement function. I think it allows you to enjoy workouts and life much more. That’s the beauty of one on one training. You get the individualized attention you need, and with that it helps you become stronger for everything else you love doing. The idea is to give you the tools to help you become the best version of yourself, and live as long as possible while feeling physically great.