To build a Spartan, you must inspect and condition all aspects of a person. Success comes from a ground-up direction. We look inward, train the mentality, condition the behaviors, and develop the physical. To reverse this process, is to cook the meat before a successful hunt. It works for some, usually those that already have focus, direction, and discipline. I’ve seen it time and time again. Someone ‘wants’ to lose weight. They seek out a trainer. They expect miracles, but discover its going to take hard work, time, and energy. They’ve failed before they’ve seen any results. Thus the allure of products and programs that promise quick fixes, something to repair the years or decade of poor choices and laziness. Success can be stated, it can be studied, we can make all of the claims that we like. But what has actual value is in the pudding, the proof, the trial and error. If the mind is primary, then all else will follow, whatever you can dream of can be within your grasp. But, if you aren’t there mentally, the lack of focus/patience/discipline, will make you your own worst enemy. That makes you like the rest, mediocre at best, always dreaming, never succeeding. You are not a snowflake, you are not unique. Your a sheep, always laying the blame on someone or something else, a habitual victim. It doesn’t have to be this way. If you approach your next challenge or goal directly, you might fail. If you think it through, thoroughly, obsessing about it in your head, evaluating each move like a master chess player, now you are playing among the ranks of the best. Success at least has a chance now. Olympic and professional athletes, the greatest warriors of all time (Spartans of antiquity included), and some of the most successful business men to date. They all share that same drive and clarity of vision. If these success stories didn’t have that warrior mentality to ground them, a kill or be killed approach, they wouldn’t have made it into the hall of fame. They are unique. What is your excuse?

I’ve been studying and emphasizing this need for an iron will and strong mental foundation for quiet some time. I’m glad to see guys like SealFit are expanding on it. They are doing an amazing job at blurring the line between fitness and military training, developing a strong mental state in the process.

So, this is an introduction to our set of mental and behavioral parameters. A code of conduct both internally and externally. Projecting a Spartan warrior state of mind. Athletes have the focus, martial arts have the zen, military has the warrior state of mind, and we, the Spartans have our own. We have laid out 14 Virtues (a way of living) that forge a solid foundation to build the physical/business/dreams upon. Without that foundation you run the risk of failure, so it is crucial for all Spartans to develop this state.

As I said before, there is a direct correlation between this strong state of being and those that go on to be great. I’ve seen the weakest of minds drop like flies. It is a challenge, beyond physical. Many of which can switch the physical ‘receptors’ off, go on auto pilot. But, the brain? The spirit? Getting in tune with your capabilities, putting all success and failure at your responsibility, and staying solid in the wake of extreme pressures while carrying on because that is all you can do. That is the challenge, and most don’t have it. Most won’t test themselves to build it, and most don’t care. Its easy to tune out, go on autopilot, be mediocre, and not challenge your mind and spirit. For the rest of us who are up for the challenge, we are the Spartans. Lions among sheep.